Dog Training for Dummies


How much would you pay for guaranteed dog training?

A reader asked.. How much would you pay for in home obedience dog training lessons that comes with a guarantee of success, which means, if after 6 lessons the owners are not completely satisfied, we will keep coming back for free until you are. Please state what currency. Thanks ?

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Dokken Dead Fowl Hunting Dog Training Throw Knob

Product DescriptionThe Dokken Deadfowl Throw Knob attaches to the throw rope on your Dokken Deadfowl Training Dummy to give you a better distance on your throws. This comes standard on Geese. Throw Knob attaches to the throw rope Better distance on your throws This comes standard on Geese A training must have Dokken Dead Fowl […]

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Basic Dog Training Commands: Tips Every Dog-Owner Should Teach

Dog is not only a simple animal .He can be your good friend, your defender  and your partner .Similarly you are his teacher .As we all know that Dog is the most faithful animal among all animal kingdom .Proper training should be given to each and every dog by his owner .Once he recognize […]

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It’s PAWSible! Dog Training and Puppy Training DVD

Product DescriptionIntroducing The It s PAWSible! Pet Dog Obedience Training Course on DVD! This is an at-home dog training program on DVD. This Training Program will work for any dog or puppy! This AWARD WINNING program features Certified Dog Trainer and President/Founder of the It s PAWSible! Dog Training Center and Day Camp, Beth Ostrowski-Parks. […]

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What’s the best treat to give my dog during training?

A reader asked.. I have a 12 week old female english bull terrier and we’re trying to get a head start by training her at home. She’s enrolled in a wonderful private dog training facility but she doesn’t start until she’s 16wo. She’s very food motivated but I feed her high quality dog food (taste […]

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training, 2nd Edition

Product Description Spare the punishment and raise a happy, well-behaved dog … The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training, Second Edition, replaces the standard punishment-based training methods that have potential consequences for puppies and limited effectiveness with older dogs. This guide demonstrates positive training methods, based on a system of rewards and encouragement, to […]

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Good Dog 101: Easy Lessons to Train Your Dog the Happy, Healthy Way

Product Description Abandoning traditional training methods, which tend to use punishment and physical dominance, progressive dog-trainer Cristine Dahl incorporates studies of animal behavior and humane treatment into an approach called Learning Theory. Though Learning Theory is the top method suggested by the SPCA, a practical guide has not yet been published for dog-owners. Here it […]

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Major Dog Training Problems

Dogs are not easy to train. You will have to dedicate time and effort in order t train the dog. Remember that dog training is better when done by professionals. But if you really want to train your dog at home, you will have to make sure that you have learned a few things […]

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ABC Practical Guide to Dog Training

Product DescriptionWith the proliferation of titles in the market today, why another book on pet dog training? Because most of them sound wonderful, but don’t work! And the dogs being trained often develop problems as a result. Frustrated pet owners are looking for practical, humane answers — that provide results. The experienced approach contained in […]

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How do I go about training and certifying a dog to be a therapy dog?

A reader asked.. Hopefully in the near future, my fiance and I are looking to get a puppy and I have always wanted to be able to go into hospitals, especially childrens hospitals, with my dog and give those kids a better experience. We’re looking to get a Lab, Boxer, or German Shep. (Unless something […]

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