Dog Food

Dog food secrets – don’t let your dog die young!


What’s in a Pet Food Name?

From looking at as many pet food labels as I do, I’ve been reminded about an interesting but disheartening issue about some pet foods. Many pet food manufacturers produce dozens of different types of dog food and cat food. Besides the typical adult or puppy formulas – there are foods that are marketed to specific needs of pets – such as senior pets, indoor cats, dental formulas, and so on. The problem can be that with these niche marketing pet foods – often times there is no difference (or there is very little difference) in ingredients between the higher priced niche products and a maintenance pet food.

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Dog Food Secrets (Must See Video)

This video is a real eye-opener for every dog owner and dog lover. We spend so much time thinking about what we should be eating, and assume someone else has our dogs’ best interest at heart. Last year everyone had a rude awakening with the tainted dog food that claimed so many canine victims, but […]

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