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Dog food secrets – don’t let your dog die young!


Do you still have doubts on the dangers of Chinese imports?

If anyone has the slightest doubt that Chinese imported pet food ingredients are dangerous – read a recent article on the New York Times website titled ‘Impact of the Heparin Drug Scare. The article features a picture of a Chinese heparin lab. The conditions are horrendous.

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They Know We Know…Pet Food Manufacturers

I’ve noticed a change in pet food advertising lately. Recently television commercials and pet food labeling have been proudly stating ‘Made with Real Beef’ or ‘Made with Real Chicken’. Many pet owners have gotten wise to the fake pet food ingredients, so it seems the marketing wizards have changed their strategy. They know we know.

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The Best Choice Of Dry Dog Food

The recent mass recall of pet food gave many pet owners quite a scare. One suggestion arising from of this issue was to search the Internet for information on dog foods for the purpose of reviewing the ingredients in the various brands to get a better idea as to which brand might be best for your pet.

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Comparing the cost of pet foods

I recently received an email asking my opinion of a couple of brands of pet food. Both of the foods the pet owner asked about were what I considered to be very inferior. When I informed him of this, his response was they could not afford one of the better quality foods.

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Pet Food Field Trip to Walmart

I took a pet food field trip to Walmart yesterday. It was a discouraging visit. I won’t mention any pet foods by name – but the trip provided me with some valuable pet food sales tricks to share with you.

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Mad Cow Pet Food?

Recently the Salt Lake Tribune published an article warning livestock owners not to feed “cheap pet food to livestock”. “Utah’s state veterinarian is warning ranchers to avoid giving inexpensive pet food to their herds. Earl Rogers says most pet food has ingredients that could help spread an illness in livestock called BSE. It’s against state and federal law to give it to cattle.” BSE is mad cow disease.

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What’s in a Pet Food Name?

From looking at as many pet food labels as I do, I’ve been reminded about an interesting but disheartening issue about some pet foods. Many pet food manufacturers produce dozens of different types of dog food and cat food. Besides the typical adult or puppy formulas – there are foods that are marketed to specific needs of pets – such as senior pets, indoor cats, dental formulas, and so on. The problem can be that with these niche marketing pet foods – often times there is no difference (or there is very little difference) in ingredients between the higher priced niche products and a maintenance pet food.

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Dog Food Secrets (Must See Video)

This video is a real eye-opener for every dog owner and dog lover. We spend so much time thinking about what we should be eating, and assume someone else has our dogs’ best interest at heart. Last year everyone had a rude awakening with the tainted dog food that claimed so many canine victims, but […]

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