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Pup Can’t Hear You? Try Cleaning Their Ears

What are the chances that your dog is ignoring you because their ears are either impacted from too much wax or have an ear infection? Well we don’t know the exact figures, but if you’ve never cleaned their ears before then it’s a very distinct possibility that your fur baby isn’t just practicing selective hearing. […]

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Should You Learn Pet First Aid and CPR? It Might Save Your Dog!

According the American Animal Hospital Association, far more animals needing medical attention could survive if dog owners were familiar with correct first aid and CPR techniques if an emergency arises. Dog owners generally do a great job caring for their pets by providing food, supplements, skin care, dental care, shots, and so on. Yet, they […]

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How To Safeguard Your Dog From Ticks

Dogs are a furry lovable buddy and they hate ticks. Hence, you need to show a careful attention to them because they can be susceptible to annoying ticks. Ticks can bring a detrimental effect to your dog’s body and health in general. In addition, this can also transfer to you especially if you are exposed […]

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Do You Need Pet Health Insurance?

I’ve been thinking a lot about pet health insurance lately. And, for good reason. You see, last year our 5 year old Border Collie, Nikki, got into “something”. What she got into we still aren’t sure about, and how she got into “something she shouldn’t have” – well, that’s a mystery as well. All I […]

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Do Dogs Have Allergies?

Just like people, dogs can be allergic to a myriad of things. Allergies, in humans and dogs, are actually caused by an over-active immune system. Just like humans, dogs’ bodies are designed to identify threatening materials, substances and foreign bacteria that could be possible diseases and illnesses. Allergies occur when the dog’s body wrongly interprets […]

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How to Transport An Injured Animal?

If your pet was injured so seriously that require the hospitalization or cat veterinary examination, you will have to transport it with the all precautions so as not to aggravate the condition of your favorite animal. At the same time you need to take care of your own security, because the injured animal feels very […]

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Stop the Pet Obesity Epidemic and Help Your Pet

Just like human obesity throughout the world, pet obesity is a growing epidemic that needs to be stopped in order for pets to live long and healthy lives. Obesity can lead to other health problems for pets including osteoarthritis, cancer, insulin resistance, and ligament injury. These health problems can even decrease a pet’s life expectancy […]

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Sick As a Dog: Is it Time to Take Your Dog to the Vet?

Dogs, like people, occasionally get sick. But just like we don’t go to the doctor for every cold, our dogs don’t need to go the vet for every little cough. That being said, how do you know when the illness is serious for a trip to the vet? Below is a list of 5 common […]

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How To Diagnose And Treat Dog Skin Problems

If you see your dog scratching or licking itself a lot, you may be able to ease your dog’s suffering by administering a salve or spray. If you are worried that it could be a skin disorder, there are steps you can take to try to figure out what is wrong and if you should […]

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Signs Of Ill Health in Dogs

Watch out for these important signs that can help you determine the health status in your dogs. 1) If your dog has constant nasal discharge, it can indicate the presence of nasal congestion, just like in humans. Your dog may have a “common cold”. However, if the discharge is thick and smells bad or is […]

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