Dog Health


Discover Basic Yet Brilliant Canine Health Tips

Before you welcome any dog into your home, regardless of what dog you get, a rescue dog from a shelter or a pedigree from a breeder, you must be aware of dog health issues. You should realize that any pet, even pure breeds, can develop a serious illness and all pets require vaccinations.

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Caring For Your Older Dog: 7 Critical Health Tips

Whether you’ve had your dog since it was a puppy, or perhaps adopted one as an adult, the time comes when your beloved pet could be considered a senior citizen. As with humans, the “golden years” bring out the inevitable changes associated with the aging process. Since no two dogs are exactly alike, there is […]

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Health Expert Suggests Visit to Vet BEFORE Pet Gets Sick

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Doggie Dementia

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Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome

There is a syndrome, variously referred to as Canine Vestibular Syndrome, Peripheral Vestibular Syndrome (the current “preferred name”), Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome, and Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome. Vestibular syndrome is usually a rapid-onset attack that causes a head tilt and loss his balance. The disorder is more common in older dogs and thus the name “Old Dog” […]

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Vestibular Disease in Dogs and Cats

Several years ago I had a Springer Spaniel (Milo) who suffered from a couple vestibular disease attacks. Fortunately, in his case they were only temporary attacks, and subsided fairly quickly. I can state, though, that it scared the crap out of me when it happened – I thought perhaps he had a stroke or even […]

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What Does Your Dog Food Need To Be Healthy?

There’s lots of information, as well as mis-information, available regarding healthy dog food. Lori Matthews provides a few pointers to help you get to the “meat” of the issue. When you think about it, what does your dog need from its food in order to be healthy?Today our pets have a wide variety to meet […]

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How to Treat Dogs with Insect Stings

Has your dog every been stung by a bee? It can be a traumatic experience for Fido, and sometimes even moreso for you. Jeff Clare provides some advice on how to best handle the situation. Sometimes the greatest threats to life and limb are too small for many people to take seriously. What this means […]

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Learn To Take The Stress Out Of Taking Your Dog To The Vets

A visit to the veterinarian can be pretty stressful for both dog and owner. Especially when you know something is wrong with your dog. This article provides some common-sense tips to help lessen the impact of this stressful event. Taking your pet to the veterinarians’ office can be an adventure all on its own. There […]

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What You Need To Know About Doggie First Aid

by: John Rivers Knowing first aid can save the life of your dog. Just like people, dogs have accidents and need medical attention sometimes. And the thing is that sometimes there is just not time to get to the vet, that is when doggie first aid is so handy to know. Knowing what should go […]

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