The Tamaskan Dog is probably the closest you will come to the “look” of the wolf without actually being a wolf.


It’s Not a Wolf, It’s a Tamaskan!

It’s a wolf! Or … is it a sled canine? No, in fact, it’s a Tamaskan. Tamaskan pets do not include any Wolf, Czech Wolf-dog or Saarloos material. And their calm and laid back nature likewise makes them appropriate as treatment pet dogs. Tamaskans are an unusual type and can be tough to come by […]

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Tamaskan Bumper Stickers

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Tamaskan T-Shirts

< img name=” MyImage23668306″ border&=” 0″ vspace=” 5 ” width=” 240 “src=” http://images.cafepress.com/product/199053678v1_240x240_Front.jpg” hspace= “5” alt=” Beware of Dog- Shirts & More”/ > Beware of Dog Shirts pet More. Tamaskan Dog (I enjoy my pet) (279).< a target&=” _ blank” href =” http://www.cafepress.com/cp/search/poe/?i=18313527&q=tamaskan&pid=5538329″ onmouseout=” document.MyImage18313527.src= ‘http://images.cafepress.com/product/117884253v1_240x240_Front.jpg’;” onmouseover= “document.MyImage18313527.src= ‘http://images.cafepress.com/image/18313527_400x400.jpg’” >< img name =” MyImage18313527″ border […]

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Tamaskan Coffee Mugs

Beware of Dog blank” href=” http://www.cafepress.com/cp/search/poe/?i=22023179&q=tamaskan&pid=5538329″ onmouseout=” document.MyImage22023179.src=’ http://images.cafepress.com/product/166868105v1_240x240_Front.jpg’;” onmouseover&=” document.MyImage22023179.src=’ http://images.cafepress.com/image/22023179_400x400.jpg’” > My finest buddy is a Tamaskan Dog( 279). More Dog Breed items at www.stickdeez.com – TAMASKAN DOG – Mug

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Tamaskan Video (Behavior and Appearance)


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The Tamsakan Dog

In 2005, the 2 main creators of the Tamaskan type collected 10 Northern Eskimo and Utonagan pet dogs, and interbred them with Finnish racing Huskies to produce a totally unique Finnish working type, the Tamaskan. The Tamaskan is popular to stand out in dexterity, obedience and working trials. The Tamaskan Dog Registry, stemmed by the […]

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