Any of three German breeds of dog of a range of sizes, having a wiry pepper-and-salt or black coat and a blunt muzzle with wiry whiskers.


Schnauzer Pictures

Here’s a group of images from CafePress. And a few more I found in the public domain. Photograph by Jurriaan Schulman Photograph by Jurriaan Schulman Some videos of Schnauzers at dog shows. And a video of a Giant Schnauzer paying with a deer.

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Schnauzer Facts

A Schnauzer comprises a German breed of canine. The name derives from the German word for snout as for the canines’ distinctively hairy muzzles. Kennel clubs normally divide this breed into 3 designations by size: Miniature Schnauzer: Which is less than 15 inches high at the shoulder Standard Schnauzer: Females are 17-19 Inches, Males are […]

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