A German breed of medium-sized, stocky, short-haired, pug-faced dogs having a brindled or tan coat with white markings.


Boxer Dog in Training At DarnFar Ranch

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Boxer Dog Slideshow

Cute Pictures of a Boxer named Max

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Boxer Dog Howling. Funny!

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Pictures of Boxer Dogs

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The Fearless and Friendly Boxer Dog

by: Mike Mathews It is hard to imagine that a dog breed descended from the mastiff-type dogs of war and one whose progenitors were used for bull and bear baiting, is now one of the most popular family-oriented breeds in the world. The popular Boxer dog is a playful clown that continues to display youthful […]

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Boxer Dog Tips and Secrets

Dear Boxer Dog Lover, If you want to have a happy, healthy and obedient boxer dog, then this might be the most important message you read today. Let me tell you why: There’s more to understanding and loving a boxer dog than you would have ever even considered. You want to make sure you and […]

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