Border Collie

A British sheepdog that has a wavy, usually black coat with white markings and is used for herding. Experience the Zoooom!


Border Collie Stuffed Dogs

[ama:border collie stuffed dog,3,new] [wordbay]border collie stuffed dog[/wordbay]

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Border Collie Sets World Record on Oprah Winfrey Show

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Border Collie Pictures and Framed Prints

My Border Collie is my BF! Cute black and white Border Collie pup is your best friend. Great for Border Collie owners.

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Border Collie Antics

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Things My Border Collie Mix Has Taught Me

Keiko is a Border Collie mix (the other half is probably Spaniel). When we originally adopted her, she was “about” 5 years old. It was at a yearly “dog-walk” our local Humane Shelter puts on where they try to showcase adoptable dogs. Keiko was not the first dog we walked – in fact, we were […]

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Border Collies Video

Below is a great video montage of Border Collie images, along with some appropriate Border Collie quotes. Some of the pictures really show off the legendary Border Collie athleticism. If you are interested in Dog Agility competitions, look at what these amazing dogs can do in the ring. (Hmmph. It appears most Border Collies like […]

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Dog Agility – From Easiest To Hardest Training Equipment

Another great article by Brad Carlson about agility (and mostly Border Collies :). Here, some of the pure athletic ability of Border Collies is emphasized, as well as their innate suitability for agility performance. Enjoy. Ohhh watch that border collie weave through those poles at full speed without missing an entry. Just like an Olympic […]

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Border Collie Characteristics/Temperament

Border Collies like to work – or more specifically, they like to herd. A Border Collie’s intense stare is said by some to actually hypnotize their charges. Those eyes see everything – every movement, every reaction, every nuance – and the dogs react instinctively to counteract or take advantage of the herds’ movement. It’s almost […]

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Dog Agility Equipment – Free Play Or Competition?

In this article, Brad Carlson weighs in on agility training and equipment. Are you interested in agility to provide fun exercise for your dog (and yourself), or do you really want your dog to be a champion? Answering these questions will determine what kind of agility equipment you choose. Read on… There are five factors […]

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Jake The Border Collie Tells His Tales

This is the second part of Jake’s story as told to us by Shirley Purdy. If you missed part one you can read it here. Enjoy the read.Hi everyone, it’s Jake here again… with a follow-up to my first dog story, that was called “Jake’s Own Story” and gave a brief biographical insight into my […]

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