One of a breed of small hounds having short legs, drooping ears, and a smooth coat with white, black, and tan markings. Cute, Fun-loving, and Great with Kids!


Beagle Video: Dogs 101 – Season 1 – Episode 19 – Beagle – كلب الصيد

The beagle should look like a miniature foxhound, solid for its size. The beagle’s moderate size enables it to be followed on foot. It can also be carried to… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Click Here to Learn How Easy it is to Groom Your Dog at Home! Some recent Beagle sales on Amazon: it’s […]

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Arguments FOR “designer dogs”?

Question by Dignity of a Dane: Arguments FOR “designer dogs”? Just stating upfront- I’m very much against the “designer dog” fad. But, I’ve heard many arguments against them and have my own opinions, but I am curious about the arguments of people who support these mixed breeds. I don’t plan on bashing, burning, attacking, or […]

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Is your dog “typical” for their breed……?

by Ben Adamson Question by Ava Girl: Is your dog “typical” for their breed……? Breeds are known for certain types of behaviors, certain things they excel at, a certain look, etc. Does your dog “fit” their breed? or are they an odd ball? How so? If you have a mix, does your dog have any […]

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What in the world are “designer dogs”?

Question by Mommy Dearest: What in the world are “designer dogs”? Are they specially bred dogs? Best answer: Answer by willow ? AKC Aussies born 10/24Mutts.. That’s really all they are. “maltipoo”, “scnoodle”, “labradoodle”, “pug-a-poo” Its a stupid name given to little mixes (or even big ones) to make them sound “special”. They aren’t, I […]

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Shaming Your Dog? The Laugh Is on You

Maymo, a lemon beagle, poses for a shame illustration, above, in Merrimack Valley, Mass. In late 2011, Jeremy Lakaszcyck of Boston started putting shaming videos of Maymo on YouTube, but behaviorists insist dogs lack shame. The guilty look — head cowered, ears back, eyes droopy — is a reaction to the tantrum a person is […]

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Beagle Video: Waking up my beagle

You might get sleepy watching this!!!! ? Click Here to Learn How Easy it is to Groom Your Dog at Home! Beagle on Amazon: Beagle Scouts Rock – The Peanuts Gang 2013 Hallmark OrnamentHallmark 2013 “Beagle Scouts Rock” Ornament feature everyone’s favorite beagle Snoopy as he and his scouts do some rock climbing. … […]

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Bridgeport dog found to be not licensed

BRIDGEPORT, CT (WFSB) - A Bridgeport beagle that was the subject of a viral internet post was found to be not licensed, the state Department of Agriculture said Tuesday. The department also said there was a confinement issue with 9-month-old dog that went against state statutes. Officials said this was a vague statute with no […]

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LittleGifts Beagle Air Freshener

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Q&A: Should I Breed “Designer Dogs”?

by moxlux Question by Kieana H: Should I Breed “Designer Dogs”? I’ve been breeding small dogs with my mother since you could say 6mths of age, but now we both are alittle curious to see what is in the making of a healthy designer. We bred once and got gourgoues pups here’s a photo - […]

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Beagle Training – The Correct Age To Start Obedience Training Your Beagle Puppy

by daveynin The Beagle puppy is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. You’ve finally gotten that Beagle puppy you’ve been wanting. Now what? When does the training begin? Many Beagle owners start training at the wrong time. Some might start too early when the puppy isn’t quite ready to hold […]

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