Afghan Hound

A large, slender hunting dog having long, thick hair, a pointed muzzle, and drooping ears. The Aristocrat of the Dog World. Recommended for: show dogs, pets


UPI Pictures of the Year 2007 – Afghan Hound

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Afghan Hound Designer Dogwear

For the Afghan Hound breeder, anyone, lover or handler wanting to show off this wonderful breed of dogs!< img src =””alt=” Afghan Heads “border=”0″hspace=”5 “vspace=” 5″width= “240 “/ > If you have an Afghan Hound dog then you will love showing the world what breed of dog you have. Afghan Houndowners will like these tee […]

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Afghans In The Park

I had a canine, when I was little. A beautiful Afghan hound. She had actually been secured in a shed with a lots other pet dogs for 6 months by some weirdo, who chucked in tins of unopened pet food from time to time. By the time they were found they were all dead or […]

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All About the Afghan Hound Dog Breed

The Afghan Hound, likewise referred to as a Tazi or Baluchi Hound, is an unique pet dog type from Afghanistan. Female Afghan Hounds are small smaller sized with an optimum height of about 25 inches and an optimum weight of 50 pounds. While the Afghan Hound takes a look that recommends a life of leisure, […]

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The Afghan Hound, Hunter of the Desert

The Afghan Hound is thought about to be one of the most unique types to be revealed in the United States. When the Afghan goes into the Hound ring the crowd normally goes wild. This is a sight hound which is likewise understood as a “wind hound”, having excellent lung power and utilizing its nose […]

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Grooming Your Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds are sophisticated and high canines with long, streaming coats. They were initially established in Afghanistan in the 19th century as searching canines. Even if you do not have a program pet dog, a healthy and tidy coat will improve your enjoyment of owning this elegant type. The natural sate of an Afghan coat […]

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Afghan Hound Health and History

Health Afghans are a reasonably healthy type; significant health concerns are allergic reactions, and cancer. Level of sensitivity to anaesthesia is a concern the Afghan pester show the remainder of the sighthound group, as sighthounds have reasonably low levels of body fat. Afghan hounds as a whole are a relatively long-lived type, frequently living 13-14 […]

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Afghan Hound Appearance and Temperament

The Afghan Hound is high-stationed, standing 24 to 29 inches (63-74 cm) in height and weighing 45 to 60 pounds (20-30 kg). The long topknot and the shorter-haired saddle on the back in the fully grown pet are distinct functions of the Afghan Hound coat. The Afghan Hound has lots of cat-like propensities and is […]

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Number 1 Health Problem in Big Dogs (including Afghan Hounds…

Everybody has a choice as to the size of pet they desire and bigger pets are simply as popular as the smaller sized ones. With some types of big pets, you might have some health issues simply like the smaller sized ones, however hip dysplasia is the number one health issue in older pets since […]

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Afghan Hound Puppy and Dog Information

You require to have a location where this pet can run or gallop complete out for as long as a half hour a day. I keep in mind when my space mate invested numerous hours cleaning and grooming his family pet, getting every single burr out due to the fact that he desired his canine […]

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