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Dog-gone Halloween Customes – Part 2

Even more wild costumes. Enjoy!

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Dog-gone Halloween Customes

Here’s a wild collection of doggie Halloween costumes. If you’re into dressing your dog up, maybe these will provide a bit of inspiration.

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Pet Travel Carriers: A Necessity When You Are on the Go

by Chris Robertson Whether you’re taking a trip to your local veterinarian or a trip across country, how to transport your pets is always a consideration. The right pet travel carriers can make your journey less stressful for your beloved pets and less of a hassle for you. But what constitutes ideal dog carriers, cat […]

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The Best Toys for Your Dogs

by: Michael Fortomas Dogs is a major status symbol in American pet-keeping. Every year, over 12 billion dollars have been spent on dog food and veterinary care alone. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association’s 2003-2004 Pet Owners’ Survey, more than half of dog owners purchase toys for their dogs. Playing with toys is […]

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Dog House Leash Hook – Fun Accessory

Dog House Leash Hook

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Soft Dog Carriers and Dog Crates

Author: Pam Caouette Soft dog carriers, and soft dog crates are are great way to transport your small dog. A soft sided dog crate will give your dog a sense of comfort and home. Soft sided dog carriers allow the dog to feel comfortable when they brush or lean against the wall. Fabric carriers allow […]

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