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Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Dog Game Reviews

Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Dog Game Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Game. The idea behind the Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Game is for your dog to dislodge the removable bones, then turn the revolving sections to reveal hidden treats. This game has many variables to increase the level of difficulty as your dog’s skills improves. Challenges […]

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How to Teach a Cat and a Dog to Get Along

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting event, but care must be taken if you already have a furry friend who may not appreciate a new roommate. This is particularly true if one pet is a dog and the other’s a cat! However, these natural enemies can learn to tolerate one another and even […]

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Trixie Gambling Tower, Level 1

Trixie Gambling Tower, Level 1 For beginners Dog earns reward by gently tugging on rope loops which releases treats down and out of the bottom of the tube Plus 3 base cones with hidden compartments Design prevents cones from simply being knocked over because they must be lifted straight up to remove Vary number and […]

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Will Your Dog Get Along with a Canine Houseguest?

It is very common for dog owners to exchange pup-sitting duties when they go on vacation. Dogs cannot be left alone for extended periods of time because this can cause severe emotional stress, and these animals will be both safer and happier if they board with a fellow canine while their owners are away. However, […]

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Q&A: How do I get my dog to loose weight?

Question by doglover: How do I get my dog to loose weight? It’s a golden retreiver and he is a little chubby. I want to know what kind of dog foods, games, amount of excersise it will take to get him to normal size. I can’t let him go swimming cause the ocean where we […]

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Q&A: What are some cool virtual cat or dog games?

Question by Polar bear: What are some cool virtual cat or dog games? I need a cool virtual pet game that IS NOT FooPets, Thanks in advance! like ones that you can actually play with. LIke throw frisbe and feed it and stufff. Like FooPets, but NOT FooPets. Like really virtual. One that i dont […]

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Q&A: where can i find free photos of dogs?

Question by Chili_15: where can i find free photos of dogs? I am looking for free photos of dogs…particularly australian shepherds for a game i play. It is a virtual dog game and you can put pictures of dogs for your virtual dog. I need to find a website that i can get free photos […]

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Q&A: Do you have any good dog games?

Question by George: Do you have any good dog games? is there any good dog games for a birthday party? My turning 6-year old cousin is having a dog birthday party and she needs some games. Any smart ideas? Best answer: Answer by Dorthy SchippersIf I told you how easy it is to get a […]

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Q&A: What are some fun dog games to play with dogs?

Question by crzyluve: What are some fun dog games to play with dogs? I am a maneger for Smooch the Pooch Doggy Daycare, and I think the dogs get bored just playing ball. So I need some good ideas with what I can do with the dogs that will keep them entertainted! Best answer: Answer […]

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Article: Enticing Dog Games Online- Puppy Fetch

Article by Gen Wright Few free dog games online pack the punch offered by Puppy Fetch. The game was sponsored by 2D Play, and created by Mateusz Skutnik in 2006. It is a free dog game made in flash and available free in various arcade websites in the web. A search in Google for this […]

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