Dog Intelligence


Dog IQ Tests

Perhaps the most famous of the Dog IQ Tests was written by Melissa Miller. Rated 4 stars at Amazon, here’s some snippets from customer reviews: “Interesting, insightful, book that has questions designed to determine how observant, intuitive, intelligent your dog is as well as their social behavior.” “It is a blast to see how smart […]

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Dog Intelligence and Abstract Reasoning

Imagine this: You work in a warehouse. You see a worker with his arms full of boxes enter a room. The lights in the room are not on, so the worker uses his elbow to flip the light switch on. If you were to later enter the same dark room (without carrying anything), you would […]

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Another Look at Dog Intelligence

I stumbled across this article while surfing for dog brain size info. It was originally entitled “Dogs and the Human Brain Size – Theory Suggests Greater Role for Man’s Best Friend.” It was posted to, and the credit for authorship goes to Shelly Simmonds. The article is quite fascinating, and adds an interesting twist […]

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More On Dog Intelligence

Here’s another take on Dog Intelligence as reported in this post. Dog intelligence is the ability of a dog to learn, think, and solve problems. It can be exhibited in many different ways, and a dog who might not be easy to train might still be very good at figuring out how to open kitchen […]

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Dog Intelligence Rankings (Obedience)

Recently we were having a family conversation about which dog breeds were most intelligent. I recalled watching a documentary a few years ago in which dogs were tested using a very simple deductive reasoning test – a large towel was placed over the dog’s head, and the number of seconds it took for the dog […]

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