Dog Intelligence


Dog IQ Tests

Maybe the most well-known of the Dog IQ Tests was composed by Melissa Miller.

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Dog Intelligence and Abstract Reasoning

Envision this: You see an employee with his arms complete of boxes get in a space. The lights in the space are not on, so the employee utilizes his elbow to turn the light switch on. If you were to later on get in the very same dark space (without bring anything), you would most […]

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Another Look at Dog Intelligence

One ANU anthropologist might develop a brand-new debate with his newest hypothesis about the human-dog relationship.According to Dr Colin Groves, Reader in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology in theFaculty of Arts, not just did we domesticate pet dogs, however pets might have domesticated us.Dr Groves thinks early people came to rely on pets’ eager […]

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More On Dog Intelligence

Pets completing in canine sports, such as schutzhund, dexterity or flyball, need to be relied on in an open field, off leash and surrounded by other individuals, hamburgers, frisbees, and canines. Stanley Coren, Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, Dog Behaviorist and author of many books consisting of the timeless, “The Intelligence […]

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Dog Intelligence Rankings (Obedience)

I remembered enjoying a documentary a couple of years back in which pet dogs were checked utilizing an extremely basic deductive thinking test – a big towel was put over the pet’s head, and the number of seconds it took for the pet dog to get rid of the towel was tracked. Some pet dogs […]

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