Dog Activity


Dog Fighting – Illegal Activity Questions Okay To Post?

A Reader Asks… Apparently these boards are totally unmoderated. If not, why the heck do they continue to allow people to post questions about taking their dogs into dog fights? Do they allow people to post questions about other illegal activities?

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Dog Mood Heightened By Physical Activity?

A Reader Asks… I had ran with my dog Jack alot for a few months untiL i had got injured, and stopped. After I stopped running with him, he seemed alot more mopey and less energy. Well, i started running with him again these past few weeks and his mopeyness has dissapeared! His mood is […]

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We’re Looking For A Medium Size Dog That’s Good With Kids, A Cat, Low Activity (indoor Dog) And…?

A Reader Asks… We’re in the market for a puppy and need some advice. We want a dog that meets most, if not all, of these traits: * Good with kids * Good with a cat (5 years old) * Low activity level (indoor only for right now… will exercise at least once a day […]

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What’s Your Dog’s Favorite Playtime Activity?

A Reader Asks… My two like to beat the living daylights out of each other when they’re not running around the house at mock speeds!

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Dog Activity Quiz… ?

A Reader Asks… I’ll give you a picture of a dog activity, and you tell me what activity/dog breed/s are there. For every dog/activity you get right, I’ll give you one point. Person with the most points at the end wins. Total of 23 points up for grabs. No dog breeds/activities are repeated. 1.… […]

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Whats A Fun Activity To Do With My Dog?

A Reader Asks… I have a mix a pointer and something else she looks like a golden retriever though. She is SO cute. She would not hurt anyone for her life.

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What’s Your Dog’s Favorite Play Activity?

A Reader Asks… With multiple dogs in our household, play time gets rather rowdy…. We try to contain the play time for their yard time, but they seem to prefer the living room for wrestling and the yard for fetch, chase and ‘hide and seek’. Out of all the play they do, both together and […]

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How Do I Keep My Dog Who Is Unable To A Lot Of Activity From Being Bored?

A Reader Asks… She is unable to do a lot of activity because of recent knee surgeries.

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What Is A Human Equivalent Activity To A Dog Sniffing Each Others Behind?

A Reader Asks… My wife and I have a bet.

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What Activity Do You Do With Your Dog Or Puppy When The Weather Is Bad?

A Reader Asks… If you have a dog or puppy that don’t like to go outside for a walk when the weather is bad what other activities can you do with your dog to substitute the normal walk time?

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