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Whats Your Favorite Activity To Do With Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… Tie between show, eat and sleep. Nothing like a warm fuzzy doggie to stick your feet under on a cold night.

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What Dog-friendly Activities Can I Do In San Francisco?

A Reader Asks… I am taking my dogs to San Francisco for a weekend. They are medium-sized dogs (55 pounds or so). What can I do with them other than take them to a dog park or the beach? Do any restaurants allow dogs to sit outside with their owners while the people eat? Thanks!

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How Much Activity Does My Dog Need? How Much Space?

A Reader Asks… I have a 6 month old boxer/mastiff mix who stays indoors with me most of the time right now. I walk him for 3 miles a day (usually one walk but sometimes two trips of 1.5 miles each), and at night he usually needs to go out and play for 20mins-1hour (we […]

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Hypothetically Speaking, Is It Right To Engage In Sexual Activity With An Underage Dalmation Dog?

A Reader Asks… no. dogs can only engage in sexual activity on their second heat, and that’s when they’re about a year old. that’s in the law. if the dog gets pregnant and gives birth to puppies you won’t be given legal papers for it and stuff. so don’t ***** that dalma just yet.

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Can Anybody Recommend Activity Toys For Dog Home Alone?

A Reader Asks… i got him a kong toy, any ideas for what to put inside instead of peanut butter. and any other toys for when is home alone. i hate leaving him when i go to work, his eyes plead, dont go mum!

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I Need An Activity To Do With My Dog!!!?

A Reader Asks… I have a 9 year old beagle named Mojo, who i love very much. I wanted to find an activity that we could do together, so we could bond. Mojo hates water, and has a back leg problem, so she can’t go in a pool, or jump off of anything. Please help

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What Is Your Favorite Activity To Do With Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… Swimming!!! My Newfoundland and my Saint Bernard are happiest playing the in pool. My two will run and jump into the pool over and over again!!! My Newfie will even jump onto the pool float and fall asleep ? My Saint rather take a leisurely swim. They are so much fun and […]

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What Are Dog Friendly Activities In Goose Creek, Sc?

A Reader Asks… We are headed to Goose Creek, SC for 5 days in November for a Navy graduation ceremony. We are torn between taking our two dogs, one medium sized the other small, with us or kenneling them. I really don’t want to kennel them unless we have to. We will also be spending […]

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Besides Cement, What Kind Of Ground Cover Can I Put In The Dog’s Area That Will Hold Up To Lots Of Activity?

A Reader Asks… The dog runs around the fenced yard so much that she has worn out the grass, leaving only dirt. Also, while we keep the area cleaned up, it still stinks from doggie doo-doo and potty. We’ve ruled out shredded bark, pebbles, sand. Tried replanting grass – it comes up – then gets […]

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What’s Your Dog’s Favorite Summer Activity?

A Reader Asks… There is nothing Judge loves more than to be on the hunt… butt on the ground, ears high up and tense, eyes focused on the hill on the backyard through the glass in our back door. Then when he sees a rabbit, he gets up and bays hoping some of us will […]

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