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Toy Dogs for People with Allergies

Many people that live in small homes, apartments and condominiums often choose toy breeds of dogs, not only because of their size but because they often require less room to exercise. All breeds of toy dogs have their own distinct personalities. Some are very vocal and bark a lot while others are extremely active. Many […]

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How to Clean Pet Stains and Remove Pet Odors

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New Book Helps Translate Canine Language

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Gifts to Get and Avoid for Pets

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A Guide to Odorless Dog Breeds

For those of you who just can’t stand the smell of dogs, here’s a brief list of so-called “odorless dog breeds“. (No guarantees 🙂 ) Odorless Dog Breeds Basenjis, the “barkless” dogs, are dogs with no odor and are light shedders, making them perfect companions for those with allergies. They are well know for their yodeling […]

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Choosing the Right Dog Quiz

Below is a list of quizzes about which dog breeds are right for you. Some are serious in nature, while others are a bit more humorous, thought they all seem to be pretty accurate for me. Try them out and see if they are helpful. (They will open in a new window or tab). Remember […]

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US News Dogswim 1

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Further Explanation of The 7 AKC Dog Groups

Are you thinking about adding a new dog to your family? Do you know what you’re looking for? Or are you like most people and not have a clue about where to begin looking? Researching dogs and dog breeds in general is a great place to start in your search before bringing any dog home.It […]

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Poodle Mixes: the Bich-Poo (Bichon Crossed with Poodle)

Poodle hybrids have become very popular in the past few years. The Bich-poo is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Poodle. It is also known as a Bichonpoo and Poochon, as the name has not yet become standardized. These dogs play a big role in the current designer dog trend. The experimentation of […]

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Chicago Pet Rehab Teaches Old Dogs New Tricks

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