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Dog Breeding Information and Questions

Allowing your female dog to have puppies can be a great experience, but you need to understand the responsibility requirements. Overpopulation is a major problem. There many of both purebred and mixed dogs in shelters and pounds all over the world that must be euthanized every year. Unless your sure you can find every puppy […]

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To Microchip Or Not To Microchip, That Is The Question

According to the American Humane Association, only about 17% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats actually find their owners after being lost. In fact, more than 20 million pets are euthanized year after year because animal rescue units cannot find the original owners. But you need not fear because there is now an effective way of tracking down lost pets.

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Dog Adoption: The Facts

When considering the birth rates among animals, it’s not hard to understand why animal shelters are always filled with animals waiting to be adopted. Shockingly, it has been calculated that over a seven year period, one female cat and her offspring will produce approximately 400,000 kittens.

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General History of Dogs

There is no incongruity in the idea that in the very earliest period of man’s habitation of this world he made a friend and companion of some sort of aboriginal representative of our modern dog, and that in return for its aid in protecting him from wilder animals, and in guarding his sheep and goats, he gave it a share of his food, a corner in his dwelling, and grew to trust it and care for it. Probably the animal was originally little else than an unusually gentle jackal, or an ailing wolf driven by its companions from the wild marauding pack to seek shelter in alien surroundings. One can well conceive the possibility of the partnership beginning in the circumstance of some helpless whelps being brought home by the early hunters to be tended and reared by the women and children. Dogs introduced into the home as playthings for the children would grow to regard themselves, and be regarded, as members of the family

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Steps for Planning Your Dog’s Birthday Party

A Party for my Pooch?

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Dogs vs. Cats

I thought this was pretty funny. Hope You enjoy it too. EXCERPTS FROM A DOG’S DAILY DIARY: 8:00 a.m. Oh, boy! Dog food! My favorite! 9:30 a.m. Wow! A car ride! This is a blast! 9:40 a.m. Got to go to the park! Rolled in some dirt, was so proud of myself. Humans were less […]

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Questions to Ask Potential Pet Sitters

Finding a reliable and trusted pet sitting service will not be hard since there are so many people that care and love animals. It may be a dog lover or a student looking for a part-time job to supplement their income doing something they love and enjoy. Some people cannot have their own pets and […]

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Toy Dogs for People with Allergies

Many people that live in small homes, apartments and condominiums often choose toy breeds of dogs, not only because of their size but because they often require less room to exercise. All breeds of toy dogs have their own distinct personalities. Some are very vocal and bark a lot while others are extremely active. Many […]

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How to Clean Pet Stains and Remove Pet Odors

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New Book Helps Translate Canine Language

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