Funny Dog Video



IS DOGERDAY!!!!!! These dogs arent normal dogs Dogerday Nigth Fever!!!! IS TIME FOR THE DOGS!!!!

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Funny dog – prison break

visit my site for some fun! Look how did the dog escape 😀

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The world’s most funny dog video

The worlds most funny dog video

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The Weirdest Dog Ever

Dog going schizo. THIS IS NOT MY DOG!

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Funny Dog Dancing

Like Facebook: Follow Twitter: Follow Tumblr: There are strange dance moves afoot in the 7th annual Canine Come Dancing competition from England. To see your pets on our channel send in your videos to: _______________________________________________________ For more Uzoo videos check our playlists below! For more dog videos: Animals partaking in […]

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Boxer Dog – Crazy Fun!!

Our crazy boxer dog playing with a statue !!

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Very Funny Hound Dog

Very Funny Stupid Dogs Video with Elvis Presleys song Hound Dog HOUND DOG You aint nothin but a hound dog cryin all the time. You aint nothin but a hound dog cryin all the time. Well, you aint never caught a rabbit and you aint no friend of mine. When they said you was high […]

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Running Dog

Really funny.. Dog

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Amazing Funny Dog Tricks, Dog Training

This video shows some of the tricks I have been working on recently with Kiko and Splash. Some of the more interesting ones are, teaching Splash to look left and look right, teaching her how to skip, and how to shuffle backwards in a bow. Kiko started offering a tap dancing behavior which I captured, […]

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Trick or Treat? – Funny Dogs Halloween

This is the first short film that Splash and Kiko have made together! Both dogs decide to go out trick or treating on Halloween night. Watch to see what happens when they come to a certain house to beg for treats. Splash and Kiko have been trained using only positive reinforcement…

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