Taking Care Of Fido: Tips On Healthy Dog Food

Taking Care Of Fido: Tips On Healthy Dog Food

by Jolie Mitchel

The nutritional needs of our are just as important as our nutrional needs.Supprisingly however, these needs are often overlooked. Our furry friends benifit from a healthy just as we do. The following information contains helpful hints on how to identify and select healthy food for man’s best friend.

One way to find a healthy food is to check the lable. The best food option for your dog will be one that contains close to 40% vegetable, 40% meat, and between 10% and 20% whole grains or complex carbohydrates. These percentages and others can be found on the lable. The percentages do not have to be exact, however they should break down into percentages close to these.

There are some easy ways to judge whether the ingerdients you are currently feeding your pet are part of a healthy dog food. Read the ingredients; the first one or two should be a meat protein, and not meat \”by-products.\” You should also look for any \”fillers,\” such as bone meal. These do not provide real nutrition for your pet. The presence of some grains, such as oats,Dog Food , and brown rice is a good sign, as long as they are not the top ingredient.

Organic foods for your dog are a good source of nutrition as well. While most of the ingredients are alike, the ones in organic food have less chemicals that other products contain as a result of dangerous processing methods. Organic dog food manufactures are less inhumane to their livestock as well.

Just like every human has special dietary needs, so does every dog. Consult with your veterinarian to find the precise blend of protein, fats, and carbohydrates that your dog needs, as well as to determine if your pet has specific mineral and vitamin requirements. Choose a food or mix of foods that fulfills all of the essential criteria.

When making changes to your dog’s nutritional regimen, you should switch to the new food gradually. This will be easier on your dog’s digestive system and will psychologically make your dog more likely to accept their new healthy dog food. Add the new food over a period of several weeks, increasing the proportion of new to old every few days. If your dog doesn’t react well, stop making changes until they have fully adjusted and then return to your transition plan.

There are also ways to make your own healthy dog food. The process of making the food takes more time than buying it, but it is not at all hard. The Internet as well as books can offer great recipes and ideas. Another great benifit to home made dog food is that it is very economical. Of course, you should always consult your veterinanry before feeding your homemade food to Fido to ensure helth as well as saftey.

Lastly, don’t expect an instant miracle. The effects of good nutrition appear over weeks and months, not days. And a good dog food is not a panacea; if your dog is older or has specific health problems, they may need more time to see results, and may need additional supplements or veterinary care. Still, if you are feeding your dog a healthy diet, you know that he or she is getting the best that you can give them.


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