Choosing Dog Food:Look At The Back Of The Box, Not Just The Front

by Jolie Mitchel

There are an awful lot of issues we wrestle with each day. In the great prioritization that is our daily lives, something as simple as food comparison-shopping, will generally not rank very high. This unfortunately doesn't mean a lot to our short family friends, and we being the recipients of the great joy they bring to our lives, should pause once in while and review the choices we make for them.

Some brands can be better for your pet than other brands. We want our family friend to be with us, at least for a typical 's lifetime. You can feed your pet a brand of food that really isn't all that good for them. While outwardly they appear happy every day, and probably are, illnesses such as kidney problems are not often detected until the end stages when it's too late to anything about it.

Much is made of comparing labels on the bags or cans of . So we read a label, it doesn't make any particular sense to us (although we might be tempted to try it ourselves), and feel we haven't learned much. So we read a label on another brand and it doesn't seem all that different. It doesn't really help that the pet food manufacturer will put lots of effort into proper packaging to make the product appealing to us, and by extension, to our dog.

There is a wealth of information out there for different and sizes. It is certain that what is great for on pet may not be the same for the next. Deciding how does your dog food brand compare, is abut finding out your needs. Just take your time and remember to factor in your weight and age into his dietary regime.

Your dog may you, as our did, for table scraps, but that isn't usually the best idea for keeping your pet healthy. Besides proper nutrition it's very important for your pet that you pay attention to it and spend some time with it every day. You'll probably find that if you take your dog for a walk at a certain time of the day it isn't look before your pet becomes quite insistent on going out when its walk time. At times you'd likely rather do something else but a walk is good for both of you. Toss a ball or play with your dog with its chew rag for a few minutes a day. This combination of nutrition, attention, and exercise is usually the key to a happy and healthy pet.

Whatever effort you put into your pet's well being is paid in full just watching them go about their daily business. Dogs spend a certain about of time every day conserving energy, i.e. sleeping. Then their off attending to many necessary chores, lots of places to go things to explore and goodies to sample, if we let them.

It's really not too much work to attend to the basic needs of your pet, including nutrition needs. It's just that sometimes we don't know quite where to start or what to look for. So read the labels again and you'll begin to get a feeling for what's better for your dog and maybe what's not so good. Some dogs are allergic to certain ingredients and once you have that knowledge you can narrow your selection.

So now when you walk down the dog food aisle, past all the boxes with each box showing a happier dog than the previous box, you'll have a pretty good idea of which brand is a good one for your best friend. Don't forget some treats from time to time. Like table scraps, don't overdo it with treats, just give your dog a couple from time to time as a \”\”. By the way, table scraps aren't a very good idea, both in terms of nutrition and in terms of ending up with a chronic beggar at the dinner table. Treats don't cause this problem and are generally healthy.

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