Flea 12″ Plush Dog Toy

Flea 12

Product Description

Multipet's toy with squeaker to allow your dog to tug and enjoy this fun and playful plush toy.

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    • Umeko
    • November 28, 2009

    my dog loves this toy – it is currently her favorite stuffed toy and she has many. I think the dangling legs are a huge part of the attraction. She has the Tick as well and likes it too but somehow she enjoys “Flea” better 🙂

    • Yaxha
    • November 28, 2009
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Bought 10 of these on a whim as “Christmas gifts” for my 7 Greyhounds and 3 of their ‘pals’. With 3 laundry baskets full of stuffed/plush toys, balls and frisbees in this house, these can be listed among their favorites. They are very ‘real’ looking, and the squeakers inside seem durable enough (they are still going strong whereas any new squeaking toy gets punctured within 3 minutes of being presented!). They are all still intact as well as the ‘bug eyes’. The embroidery on the tummy (BITE ME) and back (FLEA) are secure and strong. The cream colored body is a soft-to-the-touch material that doesn’t shred or leave little fluff pieces all over the house. They launder well and dry quickly either in the dryer, on a line, or sitting in the sun. Certainly am happy with this purchase as are my ‘kids’: these fleas have been in the yard, the bathroom, the beds, the crates, MY bed…just about everywhere. Oh yes, one ended up doing the backstroke in the toilet but only because it tried to “flee” and accidentally got catapaulted into the bathroom by an over-zealous dog (hahaha). These were so much fun I went back and bought several of the “ticks” from the same company…same quality and workmanship as well as the same exuberance from the dogs. You (oops), your pet won’t be disappointed. Honest!

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