Training Your Dog To Stop Chewing

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Kelly Marshall provides some great tips to help you deal with puppy problems. Good info!

Puppies are going to naturally go through a developmental phase that includes chewing almost everything in sight. They do this to help with the pain of their teeth cutting through their gums. This is very similar to what infant babies go through. Usually puppies will this at about nine months old when all of their teeth have come through. If your has reached one year of age and is still chewing everything in sight, it may be a sign that you need to look at the behavior further.

Chewing can be a habit that your acquires because of boredom, anxiety, or even frustration. It doesn’t matter why your chews, the behavior can be dangerous to your dog and can very expensive for you. The first step in stopping your dog’s chewing problem is to catch him in the process of chewing something. You can limit the amount of items your dog has available to chew by offering them constant supervision and eliminating some of their favorite chew items such as shoes.

Once you catch your in the process of chewing and item, make it known that this is not the correct behavior for your puppy. Continue to offer your puppy very limited time to roam the house and always supervise. With this constant supervision, it offers you the opportunity to catch your dog in the act of chewing. When you are not able to offer the constant supervision necessary to keep your dog from chewing items, it is important to combine them in a small area or crate. In their crate, offer them appropriate chew toys so they begin to learn which type of toys they can chew and which items they should not be chewing.

Give your a special spot in the house where they can keep their favorite chew toys. Always keep these safe dog toys in this area alone; that way the dog will always know where to go when they feel like they need to chew on something. Some of the most popular chew toys for are old socks, rawhide, safe toys, and knucklebones. Many people say that Rawhide should only be given to dogs while you are there to supervise because sometimes pieces can break off and cause your puppy to choke.

Anytime you are trying to teach your puppy to behave in a certain manner, it is important to provide stability in the . Be consistent in your commands and provide only appropriate toys to chew on. If you do not want your dog to chew on shoes, don’t offer them an old shoe as a chew toy. If you want your dog to stay away from the children’s squeaky toys, don’t offer them squeaky dog toys to chew on.

After a successful long term period no being chew-free, give him a comfortable dog bed or dog sofa bed to rest on (now that you’re confident he won’t destroy it!)

In a couple of days I will post some additional tips for you to “chew on” 🙂

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