What Food Should I Feed My Dog?

by Jolie Mitchel

Owning a pet is an awesome stress reliever. It is a fact that owning a can bring great happiness to your life. , like humans, need , proper care, clean surroundings, exercise and a good, .

Unhealthy foods can play havoc with the health of your dog. Though there are a number of brands of available today, there are a chosen few which are really beneficial for your dog. Proper nutrition is crucial for the overall growth of your dog.

Some foods are not good for your dog, such as fried foods, tomatoes and cooked bones. These can cause all sorts of problems concerning your dog’s health.

Many people feed their food with corn. The truth is that dogs lack the ability to digest corn. That is why it is important that you avoid feeding your dog with corn and other foods which contain corn. I have seen people giving cornflakes mixed in milk to their dogs.

Other foods, such as chocolate or grapes are not good for your dog. Be aware that you do not have to buy expensive to get healthy dog food. There are a great deal of healthy recipes for that are easy for you to make.

For example, you can mix broccoli, boneless chicken and brown rice and give to your dog. You must also read a little about the eating habits of as different dogs possess different eating habits. “The Best Dog Food” is that which is easy to digest and is rich in all vital nutrients.

Other things that are important when feeding your dog are calcium, vitamins, mineral, proteins and carbohydrates. Look for these things when buying a dog food and your dog will thank you. There are many places selling holistic dog food, which is great for your dog.

You can look online for business selling high quality dog food, you can talk to your vet or even seek out online communities for suggestions of the best dog food. Feed your dog well and you will have a happy, healthy friend!

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