Can I Use A Toy Dog Harness For My Rabbit Or Are There Special Kinds?

A reader asked..
Well my rabbit wont breed cause she is to fat and she really needs to loose the fat breeding or no breeding. Well we went to target and they didnt have any ones for rabbits so then we just got a little ! Will this work???

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    • toirties
    • November 7, 2009

    Yes, there are leashes & harnesses available that are just for rabbits that come in all different types of styles and colors at pets shops, which are more recommended than using a dog harness on your bunny.

    • Vet Student
    • November 7, 2009

    I would try it out just make sure you do it inside the house before you go out. Some rabbit leashes are just AWFUL!
    The first time I tried one I ended up with a choking bunny. Dog harnesses are actually a safer alternative.

    • Timothy
    • November 7, 2009

    It may. I would put it on and walk her around the house or an inclosed area for a while to be sure she cant wiggle out of it. But they do make special harnesses just for them. Any major pet store carries them.

    • Nancy
    • November 7, 2009

    You shouldn’t use a harness on a rabbit because they are naturally prey animals. When a rabbit gets scared they bolt for the nearest cover and if they are attached to a leash this could cause them VERY serious injuries.

    • November 7, 2009

    Do understand shes not going to walk like a dog being on a harness somthimes scaresthe rabbits because they don’t understand why they can’t get away from what as ahold of them if you want her t lose weight feed her 2 onces of pelets a day No greens, fruit treats and get a couple of cat toys like the balls wth the bells a toliet paper roll a box of sand to dig in . Stuff like that

    • Zach
    • November 7, 2009

    There are specialty leashes for rabbits, and they come in different sizes so getting one that fits is pretty easy. Unlike dog leashes they fasten around their neck and body. Check out a pet store, they’ll probably have them.
    I recommend practicing inside the house before actually going outside.
    First of all, putting it on the rabbit is EXTREMELY hard. Try to not get the kind that fastens under the rabbits belly. They usually get really agitated and end up biting or scratching you.
    2nd, the leashes do tend to slip out from the rabbit’s neck, which is what happened to me. My rabbit went under our deck, I pulled the leash and it slipped out of her neck. I ended up lying on the ground for 45min trying to get her out!
    3rd, remember you are NOT walking the rabbit, she is walking you. As you probably know, they don’t act like dogs and follow us around and if you try to walk them you basically end up pulling them along with you.
    Hope this helped, good luck!

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