Do you still have doubts on the dangers of Chinese imports?

Do you still have doubts on the dangers of Chinese imports?

by Susan Thixton

If anyone has the slightest doubt that Chinese imported are dangerous – read a recent article on the New York Times website titled ‘Impact of the Heparin Drug Scare. The article features a of a Chinese heparin lab. The conditions are horrendous.

The photo speaks a thousand words. The has linked 19 American deaths to the drug heparin which is used as a blood thinner in surgery and dialysis. You would think that all steps in the manufacturing of a human drug approved by the FDA would be performed in a sterile lab with scientists in white coats and masksthe photo in the NY Times article proves otherwise. Now, just imagine the manufacturing conditions of . Sends chills up your spine.

If you do nothing else for the safety of your pet – do thisfind out if any ingredient in your pet’s food or treats comes from ! The risk from tainted or highly inferior quality products imported from China has been proven time and time again. New recalls from Chinese imported ingredients continue affecting every industry. There is no quick fix to the manufacturing conditions in China. There is no quick fix to the importing regulations and testing capabilities of the FDA. The ONLY quick fix is to call the manufacturer of your pet’s food and treats and ask them if they use any imported ingredients in their products. Canada and New Zealand are common providers of pet food ingredients, but the risk from imports from these countries are little to none. China on the other hand, is different.

When you call your pet food manufacturer, ask them if any ingredient is made or originates from China. Most pet food manufacturers don’t like sharing this information with petsumers. However, this is not proprietary information and you deserve to know. This is vitally important information that could be life saving for your or cat.

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