They Know We Know…Pet Food Manufacturers

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by Susan Thixton

I’ve noticed a change in advertising lately. Recently television commercials and labeling have been proudly stating ‘Made with ’ or ‘Made with ’. Many pet owners have gotten wise to the fake , so it seems the marketing wizards have changed their strategy. They know we know.

manufacturers are counting on we don’t learn more. They are counting on pet owners won’t read the ingredient list of the food or treats to see if it contains chemicals preservatives or by-products – fake meat! They are counting on AAFCO and the FDA to keep the current pet food regulations as they are. They are counting on pet owners don’t learn existing regulations allow them to “include an unqualified claim, directly or indirectly” on their labels (AAFCO regulation PF7(a)). ‘Unqualified claim means stating ‘real beef’ on the label doesn’t have to mean real beef inside the pet food.

They know we know – now they are directing advertising to what we want to hear – real ingredients. Our pets are more important than any pet food marketing trick or the few moments it takes to read a ingredient list. The ingredient by-product and all its variations – are left over animal parts not suitable for use in human food (such as chicken feet, intestines, spleens, and worse). Don’t fall for marketing tricks. Avoid that contain fake ingredients such as by-products. Always read the ingredient list on every food or you give your or cat.

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