Is Dog Training Necessary?

Is Dog Training Necessary?

by Francisco Javier Cabrera Rosello

training is an Art not a science. Many trainers and facilities develop a training method. will always be and humans will continually try to make their into a furry person. Training is just as important as feeding and watering. That 5lb adorable, cute, huggable, kissable, loveable , could turn into a 60lb nightmare if not shown the proper guidance.

Dog disciplining is an enormously rewarding career. One should remember first of all that, for the most part, educating is a “service” profession and that the trainer is usually working with people who happen to have dogs. is more than just telling your dog to avoid doing what she’s doing, it is the action of instructing a dog to exhibit certain desiredDog Training for Dummies in specific conditions. Correct dog training is not a “quick fix” – it is an ongoing, life-long process.

Dog training isn’t necessarily a hard work but it is a process which needs a big deal of patience as well as the ability to see which types of education techniques are most efficient for the particular dog you’re training. There are a number of different methods which can be used to educate a dog.

One of the principal needs for dog training is Aggression. Aggression related include biting, jumping, barking uncontrollably and not obeying commands. Once a dog maturates from a puppy to an adult, it will become much more difficult to train. Aggression includes any behaviour that is meant to intimidate or harm another animal or person. Snarling, snapping, barking and growling are all examples of aggressiveness.

training would have prevented many of these problems and can help solve the bad behaviours that exist. Many people think that training is something that is done to a dog to make it perform some artificial activity on command. is a part of the social setting defined for your dog in your home. Changes in the setting and how the dog perceives his pack position brings about desired behaviour changes. is about you having a relationship with your dog and the dog responding to you. It doesn’t matter if the dog trainer can train your dog; what matters is that the dog responds to you.

The process of training a dog is something we do with our dogs not to our dogs. Both you and your dog will enjoy the reward-based training methods you will learn together. Dog training is definitely not rocket science and is easier than you would expect particularly if you can get help from a good dog training book or guide. Perhaps the most important point with dog training is to keep a level head.

Believe it or not, dog training is supposed to be an amusing work.

Dog training is vital to teach a dog what is acceptable and what is not. A dog that hasn’t been given any instructions or limitations can’t know what is to be expected of him. Both you and your dog will enjoy the reward-based training methods you will learn together.

Obedience is more than just verbal and physical instructions – when taught right; it gets the common language between you and your dog. It transforms your relationship from one of frustration, to one of harmony.

Have fun with your pet-friend!


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