Steps for Planning Your Dog’s Birthday Party

by Amy Nutt

A Party for my ?

The idea of having a party for their is sometimes the last thing on most people's minds. But, who better to throw an event of such epic proportions for than the one who is always so loyal and loving? It is a fun, new fad that pet owners everywhere are adopting. You may feel overwhelmed at the idea in much the same way when you had to address the topic of dog training and looking for tips to organize a birthday party. The party can pretty much have any theme you're looking for even for a birthday. Here are a few ideas:

– A regular birthday party is probably one of the most obvious and popular choices – Barbecues that include pet owners and alike in the festivities – Mardi Gras are sure to offer fun for and people with Big Easy Style – A Western theme can help you have a blast even if their won't be a shoot out at the O.K. Corral – The famous song, “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?” centers around the song as the theme for the birthday party

A Regular Birthday Party

A regular birthday party for your pooch is a great way to honor that loyal companion of the family. Many pet stores have cake mixes especially for . It's great to also bake or buy a cake for the humans in attendance so everyone is included. You can use streamers, balloons, and piatas filled with healthy dog treats for the canine crew. If children will be attending it may be fun to have a piata in a separate location for them. The possibilities are endless.

A Birthday Barbecue for your Best Friend

A barbecue is a fun way to celebrate your best friend's special day. Owners get to enjoy the bounty of the barbecue while dogs have fun. If you have a pool and all the pet owners have bathed their dogs, it may be fun to open up the pool for a pooch pool party. This may offer a lot of laughs as well as offer great photo opportunities!

Big Easy Birthday Mardi Gras Style

Maybe you feel your for your dog is larger than life. What better way to express it than with a Mardi Gras themed dog birthday party? It's fun to have guests and come incognito with masks or if you want you can provide the masks yourself. Some party stores sell them for both pets and humans. Decorations with traditional Mardi Gras of green, gold, and purple will give a bold and authentic feel to the occasion.

Just “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?”

You can turn your house into a “pet shop” set to the old and famous song “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?” Little for sale signs and decorations can put up in the windows of your home or on patio windows. It's fun to play the song when guests arrive. It might be fun to have a pageant or dog and have designated judges vote on the dogs. Some Helpful Hints to get it Organized.

Here are some tips to organize a dog birthday party:

– Send invitations out two to three weeks in advance. It makes it fun if the invitations match up with the theme of the party to elevate excitement levels of guests. These can be cheaply designed on a computer. – Get an RSVP from all guests so you know how much food and canine cake to buy – Have a camera with batteries on hand, so you don't miss a single moment! – Only invite dogs that you know your pet likes or won't feel intimidated by – Allow your children (if you have them) participate in the planning and decorating – If you're having it at a park, make sure a shelter is available on the day in case of rain

Planning a pooch's birthday party isn't unlike planning for family members or friends. A little forethought will keep things running more smoothly and ensure your dog's behaviour. It will help everyone to have a fantastic day without the fur flying!

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