Dog Training: The Six Common Mistakes To Avoid

Dog Training: The Six Common Mistakes To Avoid


When new trainers start training, they tend to make a lot of mistakes in their approach and methods in their training process. There are some mistakes that are common among most trainers.

Expecting too much- True lovers usually expect too much and often make this mistake. This happens only when they watch the well trained or neighbor’s doing some tricks like that of any sitcom characters. This also happens when they go to the park and see all the enjoying the company of theirDog Training for Dummies that are obedient and well trained. At that moment, they tend to forget all the time and money that has been spent to train these .

Giving Up- This is also a common mistake. Most of the time dog owners lose patience or concentration to achieve the result which they expect from their dogs. They expect their dog to play Frisbee in an hour or so and if at all their dog fails to start playing in that period then they conclude that their dog isn’t going to learn at all.

Less Consistency- If you tell your dog not to jump on you when you are in your business suit and expect them to mind, don’t let them jump on you when you are wearing your jogging clothes either. Consistent training is imperative if you want a well-trained dog.

Negative reinforcement- Trainer who spends his whole day during the training process will be looking for the dog to make a mistake, so that they can be corrected. This is a major mistake done by novice trainers because when you focus only in finding the mistakes of your dog, you will then fail to identify and reward all the good behaviors.

Apathy- Often a says I hate this or that about the dog but it’s too difficult to change it. Changes can be made and if your dog sees that they bring rewards they will respond much quicker to a direct approach.

The major mistake the trainer makes is by thinking that the training is over. Training is a learning process and it doesn’t have an end. Your dog may learn some commands and know it well. So why do you stop there? Your dog loves to learn and you are a good trainer. Train your dog something new and enjoy your day forever.

By knowing all these mistakes, you can now realize some of the common feelings that you might have found in yourself. So, solve the problem before it arises.

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