How To Potty Train a Yorkshire Terrier

by Michelle E. Arthur

Despite the fact that make small messes, when it comes to cleaning costs you will still pay the same thing to clean up urine stains whether your is small or large. Yorkshire have to be potty trained just as as any other dog.

You have to remember that their size might work against them in that their tiny bladders won’t hold as much (or for as long) if you’re late coming home for their potty break.

Yorkshire don’t mind living in apartments or homes without big yards. They only need a spot to do their business, so a flowerbed might be enough room.

It might seem silly to some folks when they see a in a knit sweater, but most of the time it has nothing to do with fashion. In the cold winter months, the climate change from indoors to outdoors is very harsh on a little dog’s body.

The sudden chill can also distract them from the potty business and cause them to run inside. Once warm again, the urge hits and there’s nowhere to go but the rug. You can make this easier on your Yorkshire Terrier by getting him a warm sweater for cold weather.

There are some that refuse to go outdoors unless they see that you are holding a sweater for them. Some Yorkshire may even refuse going out in the rain without a sweater covering them up.

There are ways to plan around this. You may want to lay down some paper in a box and keep it in the garage as a backup potty plan during bad weather. This should only be used for short amounts of time so that your dog still knows it needs to use the potty in the yard.

Be careful when you take your Yorkshire Terrier outdoors in your yard or at the park, watch where he walks. You want to keep your dog away from sniffing tall grass or bushes where your dog can easily become snake prey.

Owners of Yorkshire can become insensitive to their neighbors. Just because the feces is small, it’s still dog poop. Pick it up – your neighbor didn’t contract with your for fertilizer.

This is also true when it comes to tracking dog poop in the house on your shoes. You won’t notice it until it’s all over your carpet and the same goes for your neighbors. Be responsible and clean up after your .

Housetraining a small dog like a is the same as for large dogs. You can begin with crate training and frequent breaks until a routine is established. Some Yorkshire can be temperamental because many are spoiled lap dogs. That’s where the positive reinforcement of your praise and affection is even stronger – when it’s so important to your dog to please you.

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