A Guide To Choosing The Right Name For Your Dog

by Allison Thompson

The biggest challenge faced by the owner of a new dog is the that they are actually going to call it by. Today there are hundreds, even thousands of that a person is able to choose from by which they can call their . But unfortunately not all the that owners choose for their are really suitable. However in this article we provide pointers which should when it comes to selecting a name by which your new dog will be called and so make this part of the process of owning a dog much easier.

1. It is best that you choose a name which is not only easy to say but also to pronounce. If you select a name which you find difficult to say then how do you your dog will cope if they can not understand you. It is best therefore if you select a name which you and members of your family can repeat easily each and every day. Also if you find yourself in a stressful situation and are trying to maintain control of their pet may find it more difficult with a name that is difficult to say or pronounce.

2. Only ever provide your dog with one name, never ever give them two as you would with your children. A dog with more than one name will become easily confused and will be that more difficult to train and control. So stick to one name only and make sure it is one which your dog will actually find easy to remember.

3. Never select a name for your dog that sounds like a command. So avoid names that sound like “heel”, “jump” or “kill”. Unfortunately a dog whose name sounds like a command can become easily confused when you are carrying out their training. This is because they will not know what is their name and what it is they should be responding to.

4. Select a name for your dog which contains one or two syllables only. By choosing names such as Taz, Heff, Jack or Jodie your dog will find it much easier to remember and so will be more willing to respond to you. Certainly choosing names that contain one or two syllables and you will find that your dog learns them much more quickly and easily.

5. Never go for a name that seems to have a negative feel to it. Dogs are very aware of the way a person's voice sounds and the less positive you are when calling the less likely they are to respond to you. Also it is important to remember that not just you but other (including family members and friends) will be calling for the dog to respond to them as well.

6. Also avoid names that could be embarrassing or are simply out of the question. Remember that dogs are very intelligent and they just may begin to realize that the name chosen is not really appealing and they will soon pick up on any negative feelings from you.

7. Finally after you have chosen a name for your dog and you start to use it then don't start changing it. By using one name and then changing to another could leave your dog in a complete state of confusion and they may end up not knowing if they are coming or going.

When choosing a name for your dog don't just sit down and make a list instead make it as much fun as possible and get everybody involved who will have regular contact with the animal. This is even more important if the dog will become a family pet and so become a member of your family. Yet through the use of the guidelines above you should find choosing a name for your dog much easier than you thought and you may even come up with thing that is completely unique.

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