The Best Choice Of Dry Dog Food

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by Jolie Mitchel

The recent mass recall of pet food gave many pet owners quite a scare. One suggestion arising from of this issue was to search the Internet for information on foods for the purpose of reviewing the ingredients in the various brands to get a better idea as to which brand might be best for your pet.

Many people are shocked to see some of the ingredients in the food they already feed their . The pet food industry is basically self-regulated and their only requirement is to adhere to the Labeling Act. This means that the food must the name and address of the company that produces it, whether the product is for or cats, the weight of the food, and the guaranteed analysis.

Inferior often contain ingredients that are difficult for your dog to digest. These ingredients include certain chicken by-products, gluten, sugar, wheat and corn. Just because your pet seems to be going after its meals with enthusiasm doesn’t mean that the meal is necessarily healthy. In your search for a quality product you can immediately eliminate those products containing a significant amount of the aforementioned ingredients.

Some companies field test their products, especially the premium grades of their product line. If nothing more, the fact that a product has been tested may be taken as a good sign. Still, many companies offer dog food products in different grades so it’s best to read the labels before purchasing. You’ll want to find how closely the lower grades resemble the company’s premium grade.

We’ve mentioned some ingredients to avoid. What about those ingredients that are desirable? A list of these would include rice or potatoes, turkey or chicken meal, fish or lamb meal, vegetables and vitamins (especially vitamin E) and the Omega fatty acids. A combination of these ingredients should ensure a healthy skin and coat for you pet, a sign of good health.

While searching the Internet may assist in determining the ingredients of certain products, the Internet is also a good source for product reviews, both from independent testing organizations and consumers themselves. This knowledge can be valuable in assisting you in making a good choice of food for your dog.

Organic foods have been with us for some time and are steadily gaining in popularity. Now organic pet foods have begun to make an appearance on the shelves. The next time you are in the pet food aisle of your supermarket, look for the words \”Natural\” on the box or bag. Then read the label to check if the product is indeed organic or of a superior grade.

Make your own pet food? We’re not talking table scraps here but rather a careful selection of beneficial ingredients. It’s not inexpensive and can take some time but you may consider it time and money well spent on your pet. A combination of ingredients such as strained beef and beef broth, milk, eggs, vegetable oil, cornmeal or flour can be the basis for a healthy for your best friend.

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