Cableknit Hoody Dog Sweater

Cableknit Hoody Dog Sweater
Cableknit Hoody Sweater
Price: $38.00

Cableknit Hoody Dog Sweater. Fair the weather in a classic cardigan! This exquisite hoody comes with and added hood which gives this elegant cashmere coat a trendy twist. Can easily be worn like a pull over. Features: – Cashmere blend – Wearable for all seasons – Button hole for easy harness, leash access – Machine washable, hang dry Sizing: XS: Neck 7 – 9 in. Girth 11 – 14 in. Back 7 – 9 in. S: Neck 9 – 11 in. Girth 14 – 17 in. Back length 9 – 11 in. M: Neck 11 – 13 in. Girth 17 – 19 in. Back length 11 – 13 in. L: Neck 13 – 15 in. Chest 19 – 21 in. Back length 13 – 15 in.

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