How to make dog treats at home

by Kit J.F.R. Murray

Do you like a treat, I know I do. Even more so when I have done something especially well or maybe completed a task that I found difficult. It should come as no surprise that our feel the same and spending a little time making pooch a special dog treat can be done with very little effort.

The are full of off the shelve dog treats that we can just scoop up and head for the checkout. The other option is to make one at home from a dog treat recipe.

I have yet to come across any breed of dog that didn't love a treat and even more so when it's home-made. All we need to do is “homemade dog cookies,” and hundreds of easy to follow suggestions are there to choose from.

I have never had any problem with any of my pets using online treat recipes but it's always a good idea to check that there are no ingredients that may be harmful to your pets.

Alfie, my just loves the homemade treats that I make him. If he could talk, I know this is the one he would ask for every time.

Cheesy Dog Cookies – Ingredients:

* One cup (something like Quaker) * One third (1/3) cup margarine * One cup water/boiling * (3/4) cup corn-meal One * One tablespoon sugar * Two (2) teaspoons beef or chicken stock (instant bouillon) * Milk 1/2 cup * One (1) cup grated/shredded cheddar cheese * One (1) egg, beaten * Two to Three (2 – 3) cups

Now we have the ingredients, let's get it made.

Make sure the oven is preheated at 325 degrees then its time to grease the cookie sheets.

Put the rolled oats, margarine and into a large bowl; leave for approx 10 minutes. Mix in the corn-meal, sugar, bouillon, milk, cheese and egg. Lightly spoon the flour into your and level off. Add the flour one cup at a time; make sure that you have mixed it well until it forms a . Ensuring the surface has been floured start to knead in the last of the flour until the consistency of the dough is smooth and stickiness is gone. Roll or pat out the mixture until it is approx 1/2 inch thick.

Use cookie cutters in the shape of a dog-bone to cut. Put shapes on pre-greased cookie sheets approx 1 inch apart. Place the shapes into the oven at 325 degrees for maybe 35-45 mins or when they are a delicious golden brown color.

With homemade dog treat aplenty your favorite canine will be happily chomping for days to come. Are they really better than the dog treats you can buy at the pet supply store? I dunno, let your dog have the final woof!

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