Dog Training Aids for Your Dog Training Sessions

Dog Training Aids for Your Dog Training Sessions

by Geraldine Dimarco

Using your voice to persuade your to learn something new is a great aid. Use your dog’s name before you state any command, and use a persuasive tone of voice. What is a persuasive tone? It’s best to use a low, but pleasant, firm tone when dog .

When , you should talk to your dog throughout theDog Training for Dummies session. Try teaching your dog to retrieve and fetch with such as a light dumbbell. Dog training don’t need to be something from a pet store. Items such as dumbbells are great dog training .

Never become angry with your dog when dog training. Becoming angry will not help, and is likely to make your dog anxious. To make matters worse, your dog won’t understand why you’re angry with him.

Always remember that your dog is trying to please you. This is the case even when he is not following your commands. Your dog may not understand what you want of him. He is not being deliberately disobedient.

Once your dog understands what it is you’re attempting to train him to do, he will be more than happy to repeat the action – probably over and over again. One thing you can be almost certain of is that you will get bored before your dog does!

If your dog does not understand that you want him to take the dumbbell (or whichever other dog training aids you’re using), it may be necessary to gently place the dumbbell in his mouth and then gently hold his jaws closed by placing both your hands around his muzzle. Be careful not to bang your dog’s on the dumbbell.

Dog training should be fund. They are a good opportunity to spend quality time – just you and your dog. Dog training certainly takes time and effort. Depending on your dog, you may need to be very patient with your dog training efforts.

Once you have placed the dumbbell in your dog’s mouth several times, encourage your dog to take the dumbbell from your hand himself.

Once your dog understands the taking of the dumbbell, you need to extend the reach of the item. Place the dumbbell on the ground in front of your dog and ask him to “Retrieve” or “Fetch”. Then start moving the dumbell further and further away from him. Your dog will soon get the idea.

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