A Guide To Spanish Mastiff Dog Secrets


If you are a fan like most you will find the to be not only interesting but a favorite of yours. The will be the central point of this article. The Spanish astiff has a very active parent clubs in the states and is in the process of being accepted to the as a recognized .

Breed membership in this organization has several requirements. The Spanish Mastiff doesn't meet all of these requirements yet. There are a lot of dog fans who are doing what is necessay to get it's acceptance official.

Mastiff Dog Origins

This dog is originally from Spain and is part of the . They are used as guard for cattle and sheep in some parts of Spain. The Spanish Mastiff are gentle mannered with children and noted for having an even temper. This dog will not tolerate uninvited visitors and is prone to aggression with other . This mastiff can be quite content as an outdoor dog and if the situation arises to keep him inside then care should be taken that he have daily walks and/or access to a large fenced in yard.

Identified as being large dogs is this particular mastiff breed. They have long legs, tend to be longer then they are tall and have deep chests. The expected mastiff dewlap is present along a large head and deep muzzle.

A dewlap is? The fold or folds of skin that drapes over the top of the chest and is loosely hanging beneath the chin. Being a predator deterrent is it's main function. It effectively protects this most vulnerable part of the body from a predator sinking their into. The coat can be very dense on this mastiff dog. The color of the coat can be anything from white and black, wolf gray, fawn and lemon. Protecting the mastiff dog from extreme weather is it's main purpose.


There you have it! A number of interesting facts about the Spanish mastiff. So there you have it a myriad of facts concerning the Spanish mastiff. One fact not really mentioned before is this breed can be quite a heavy and large dog. Some of the bigger ones can stand over 2 1/2 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh in upwards of 140 pounds. The Spanish mastiff I am sure will become one of your favorite mastiff breeds to learn even more about.

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