Mad Cow Pet Food?

by Susan Thixton

Recently the Salt Lake Tribune published an article warning not to feed “cheap to livestock”. “Utah's state veterinarian is warning ranchers to avoid giving inexpensive pet food to their herds. Earl Rogers says most pet food has ingredients that could help spread an illness in livestock called BSE. It's against state and federal law to give it to cattle.” BSE is .

Even though pet deny using inferior grade of meat in pet food, this article proves that dangerous are processed into . such as ‘meat and bone meal', ‘meat meal', ‘animal digest', and ‘by-products' (any variation) – by definition could contain rejected for use in . For many years it has been rumored that some pet foods contain what is known as the Four D'sdead, diseased, drugged, and dying .

At USDA meat processing facilities, cattle entering the plant are placed on a mandatory hold for 24 hours before being processed. Any animal that goes ‘down' – cannot stand – are rejected for use into . Downer are known risks for BSE or mad cow disease. The intention of rejecting these risk animals into human food is to prevent spreading mad cow disease into the human food chain. Unfortunately, these risk downer animals ARE processed into pet food.

State Veterinarians, the USDA, and the FDA are well aware of the possibility of spreading mad cow disease to cattle from eating pet food. Andthey are well aware that are eating potentially contaminated pet foods. Mad cow disease has already crossed species to cats and minks around the world. Please avoid feeding your pet foods and treats that use meat and bone meal, meat meal, animal digest, and by-products.

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