What Is The Best Short Haired Toy Dog?

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A reader asked..
My girlfriend and I have just bought our first and are looking for a . We would prefer a short dog that doesnt bark and yap a lot. we were thinking of a . or a chihuaua. But still are not so sure. If you know of a breed that would suit let us know???? Thanks

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    • cHinG♫
    • October 29, 2009

    A shaved Shih Tzu

    • taffy12
    • October 29, 2009

    Chuhuahua!!!!!!!..it’s one of the top dog breeds…….

    • Damo78
    • October 29, 2009

    Sorry to tell you, but ALL toy dogs are yappy. No matter what people say, they all yap…

    • Alexande
    • October 29, 2009

    get a miniture jack russle my parents have 1 and they r brilliant

    • Rabies
    • October 29, 2009

    shih tzuhttp://www.oviesfiles.com/HouseTrainingS…
    you typically see long haired shih tzus, but it really takes a very long time for their hair to grow that long. i think they are very cute with short-medium hair.

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