Improving Your Childs Behavior by Getting a Dog

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by Jake Forrester

It sounds like a strange concept, but getting a can actually help to improve your child’s behavior. All children puppies. When I was young, I begged my parents to get a , and they of course gave in and got one. Few children think about the responsibility part of having a dog, especially a .

Many children want to get a puppy or dog, but do not know about the responsibilities involved. So the first time your child begs you to get a new puppy, you might want to think about the positive learning experience it will give to them. Here are some ways having a dog can work on your childs behavior and learning.

Your child needs to be given responsibilities in order to grow and mature as they get older. Being responsible for a pet is a good way to develop that. They will come to realize that the dog is dependent on them, and they will gain a sense of self importance from that.

Neglecting their duties to take the dog potty can lead to a mess to clean up. Tending to the needs of their new dog causes them to develop and mature because that new dog depends on them. The result of this will be that your child will see the benefit of their care and love towards their companion.

When the dog does something naughty like chew on your shoe and you put them in their crate or whatever you give them, your child will see that they are not the only one that gets in trouble for bad behavior. This is one way that they will see that you as a parent are fair and balanced.

The same goes for getting a reward for good behavior. When the dog does something well like learn a new trick, or successfully go to the door to let you know they have to go potty you should reward them. In like manner, you should reward your child for their good behavior and accomplishments. Then your child will see that good behavior reaps good consequences as well.

In this way, your child will understand that consequences affect everybody due to the choices we make. Young children sometimes feel like they are the only ones that get into trouble when they do something they are not supposed to. In this way they will see that they are being treated fairly when they are disciplined for their actions. This will help them to grow up to be responsible and mature adults.

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