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by Rebecca Foxton

Parasitic infections are common among puppies and are symptomatic, as the or will experience diarrhea, vomiting, and a potbelly, which is often perceived as being “cute”. Another indicator of a possible parasite or bacterial infection is poor coat quality or other general signs of bad health. Get the vet to take a stool sample if you feel that your animal has a parasite.

You should be aware of what might be transmitted to your pet by a raw food , but you shouldn't worry too much. Raw food is being used with great success when it comes to feeding. Some nutrition “experts” say you should cook raw food thoroughly to improve digestibility of important proteins. This is simply not true.

If your dog has a healthy immune system, it may be better able to fight off dog parasite infections. If you provide your pet with protection against parasites, you should have nothing to worry about; a good regimen includes such things as a heartworm check and flea control, as well as guarding against other parasites.

Being able to spot the tell-tale signs is always good. Diarrhea is an indicator of parasites or food poisoning. Bacterial infections and canine parasites are not pleasant for your dog. If left untreated it could cause serious problems.

If your dog's is sufficient it should not be necessary to buy nutritional supplements, however a dog nutrition supplement such as FortiFlora, one of the most popular probiotics for , can support their digestion and immune system. Just like in humans, health and nutritional supplements can be used to strengthen immunity, prevent disease and bolster good health.

Researching the ingredients in the food you feed your dog is a good idea, as most brands of dog food fail to provide a healthy diet. Since ingredients including vegetables, fruits, and grains, the nutritional value of corn and fruit are becoming more prevalent among many dog foods, now is the time that you should really look into your options. You will find the answers using research and what you really feel is the right choice.

Many well-known brands are misleading pet owners to believe that their products are healthy but their ingredient lists suggest otherwise. You're nutrition is of the utmost importance. As long as your pet is active, a daily or weekly dose of canine vitamins and a daily probiotic would be the only supplements in which your pet would need to aid in your nutrition.

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