A Guide To Finding The Right Mastiff Kennels

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by Jason Grant

I will assume that finding the right mastiff kennels is a priority for you if you are reading this. High on your priority list should be making sure your pet bullmastiff is properly cared for when you are away. To assist you in finding the right mastiff kennels we have prepared some criteria to use in selection.

The Plan

The following steps should be the very least criteria you use to gauge when locating a prospective kennel for your mastiff. Don’t forget your rights start with your choice. Even though you aren’t buying the kennel you should the decision as if you were.

1) A List Should Be Created. Track the addresses, business names and phone numbers of the prospective kennels in a list form. To each line add a column for “Allow Tours” and “Kennel Condition”. Check each kennel to see if they allow tours. If they don’t then immediately remove them from the list.

2) Calculate the Kennel’s . This will be done using a scale of one to ten. With ten being the worst and one being the best. Pay special attention to the following:

– What is the Staff’s Training Regarding Cleaning. If it’s not performed at least daily then add 4 to the cleanliness score.

– Are the spaces free of waste and clean for the mastiffs? If not add 4 to the cleanliness score.

– Does the staff immediately clean up when a dog has a bowel movement? If not add 2 to the cleanliness score

Keep in mind that the best way to preserve your mastiff’s health is to make sure they are kept in a clean environment. After looking at each kennel you should have a semi objective cleanliness score. At the end of all of your tours get rid of all but the lowest three.

3) Determine The Kennel’s Feeding Schedule. The Kennel’s special request policy should be determined. If you have to bring your own mastiffs own food to the kennel then this will be important.

4) Find Out What Medical Care Is Provided. Ask them what the medical options are if any. This would also be an ideal time to have any scheduled check-ups or shots performed if the kennel provides the right medical care. If the Kennel is not associated with a vet’s office then they should at the least have a vet on call. The staff should also have rudimentary medical training.


Eliminating the kennels with cleanliness issues will still leave you with a choice to make. Your choice should be based on price and services. If you utilize all the information you have gathered then you can ensure that you have made the best choice for finding the right mastiff kennels.

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