Discover Frontline And Get Rid Of Fleas Quickly and Effectively

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by Rebecca Foxton

Your lovable canine companion is adored by more than just you. can be carriers of fleas, ticks, and other parasites which can cause discomfort and other serious problems. When dogs are allowed to go outdoors they will eventually come in contact with ticks, fleas or other .

Before you wrap your pet up in a hypoallergenic oxygen tent, relax. For the most part, are nothing more than a nuisance and can be easily treated.

However, a bad on a dog’s skin can result in sores and bald patches which can seriously harm or even kill your pet in extreme cases.

When we take a close up look at the little creatures, we may find some surprises. There are actually many different types of fleas. Different have different species of fleas. The fleas generally can survive on any type of mammal (including humans!), but are unable to breed without their principal host. The female, being about 2.5 mm long, is of a larger size than the male.

Fleas are capable of jumping vertically for 5 or 6 inches (about 15 cm), and they attach themselves to skin or clothing. If this is not a complete nightmare for you, the idea that fleas can reproduce quickly and infest a home should be ample reason to be concerned!

What will kill fleas? Often, flea collars work best for cats, and dogs are often treated with a dip or shampoo. With so many choices it can seem hard to choose the treatment that works best for your pet.

Flea control these days should be a regular part of taking care of your animal. There are many flea treatments on the market which work in different ways.

To get immediate results, and if the invasion is clearly visible, many people go for medicated shampoos. The problem with this method is that the success may only last a day or two, as little chemical residue will be left on the coat. This helps if you are seeking fast results and trying to establish an immediate flea-free zone.

Dips are considered slightly harsh for regular care and for smaller infestations. For these lesser infestations and routine care, sprays and powders can be used, giving protection from both fleas and ticks for several days.

The answer is , the number one choice for in North America and the product that I use and recommend.

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