Discover Winning Nutrition Tips For Brilliant Canine Health

Discover Winning Nutrition Tips For Brilliant Canine Health

by Rebecca Foxton

More than likely you have noticed pet food being marketed as delicious and nutritional. Often, these pet foods appear to mimic the human with natural ingredients however the food is actually highly processed.

It is vital to pay attention and use common sense. The consequences of pet illness, costly vet visits and the pain and suffering in which your pet endures, prove the importance of boosting your ’s health. There’s more to good nutrition than simply finding the proper food for your .

Dog Health

Deficiencies in minerals and vitamins could cause problems with the health of your dog’s eyes (the eyes are very sensitive and like in humans, can get infected). In many cases of poor canine health, eyes can be a key indicator that all is not well. Be sure to look your pet in the eyes often, and tell him how much you him.

In addition, you should pay special attention to mouth and care, so give your pads and claws a regular visual inspection. Healthy will help your furry companion to have proper digestion from the get-go.

If you start out with a raw food diet, or at least one with no byproducts or gluten, your pet will rarely need to see a vet. If your pet happens to have medical needs, your vet may prescribe a prescription pet food diet.

Raw Food & The Parasite Myth: The wrong-doings within the pet food industry which resulted in pets being fed toxic ingredients has caused many pet owners to turn to raw foods for their . The BARF diet is not harmful to your pet although many people who are not educated on this matter initially believe that the raw diet could be harmful due to parasitic infection.

Raw food can contain parasites and bacteria, like; Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, Trichinella – Trichinosis, Protozoa, Trematodes, Toxoplasma (cats only), and Salmon Poisoning Disease ( only).

The truth is that when we refer to Bones and Raw Food (BARF) for dogs, we are referring to meat and meaty bones suitable for human consumption. What many non-raw believers fail to point out when talking about the risks of parasites is that parasite levels are also insignificant in human grade quality raw dog food.

Freezing raw meat and bones usually does kill most parasites and bacteria, like the parasite in salmon that can kill a dog. Deep freezing salmonids (which include trout) for a day or two takes care of that parasite very effectively.

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  1. Having a pet has the same responsibility as having kids and we must take care of them accordingly. As you said, dog or cat food may contain parasites, but so does human food. you do what is necessary for their best health!

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