FortiFlora Probiotics for Dogs and Cats by Purina

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by Rebecca Foxton

Probiotic: (pronounced: pro’bi-ot’ik) – Living microorganisms that when dispensed in ample amounts, grant a health benefit on their host.

The latest nutrition hype is that are suddenly recognized as the “good guys”. So-called “bad-bacteria” is prevented from growing in the intestinal tract when specific microorganisms are present since they cause the pH in the intestinal tract to be lowered.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the two most frequently used strains for humans, which add to healthy gut flora, which in turn maintain the immune system to allow the body to fight disease and balance bacteria present in the digestive system.

If you fully understand these advantages then you are likely to choose to begin taking probiotics so that you can encourage your own good health. With that said, you should consider giving probiotics to your or . After all, their health is important and should be managed.

Probiotics would benefit your cat or dog, however you shouldn’t give them your own since yours are for humans. Resulting from Purina recognizing the benefits of probiotics, FortiFlora Canine and FortiFlora Feline are now part of the selections they make available.

Not sure what FortiFlora is? FortiFlora is a mixture of the Enterococcus Probiotic with protein, vitamins, and minerals. A box of 30 packets of 1 gram contains 1×108 CFU/g of Enterococuss Faecium SF68.

What is the purpose of FortiFlora? Adding FortiFlora to your ’s food will boost your dog or cat’s ability to combat disease.

Probiotics perform in the same manner, that is boost the immune system and act as a preventive agent against the contraction of any disease. After the use of antibiotics, try probiotics as they can rebalance the intestinal system as well as help with diarrhea, acute enteritis and poor fecal quality.

How do I use probiotics for my pet? Simply stir the probiotic powder into your pet’s food, so that your cat or dog will gain the extra daily nutrients. The taste of the food will remain the same, and your pet will eat normally, and you will know that you have done a good thing to help ensure his good health.

The best part is that Forti Flora is very affordable, even to those on a budget. You can give your favorite canine or feline these health benefits for less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee, typically about one dollar.

A little regular nurture costs much less than paying expensive bills at the vet, and your pet will feel better too. Let FortiFlora start improving your pet’s health today!

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