What Is The Name Of The Dog Toy That When You Squeeze It The Eyes And Ears Pop Out?

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A asked..
Looking for good squeeze for son who has autism and problems with aggression.

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    • Wendy S
    • October 26, 2009

    I call mine Jo Jo.

    • Lindsay A
    • October 26, 2009

    I have a 10 yr old with autism and I got him one of those stress balls so he can carry in his pocket when he gets upset he squeezes it. I am not exactly sure if that is what they are called but they are squishy like and they can fit in your hand. I paid about $5.00 for it that’s all.

    • The Road goes ever on
    • October 26, 2009

    PetSmart’s site has all sorts of toys if you’re interested in checking them out:http://www.petsmart.com/family/index.jsp…
    PetCo also has a pretty large selection:http://www.petco.com/petco_Page_PC_produ…
    And if you’re looking for more economical prices, you could always try WalMart:http://www.walmart.com/search/search-ng.…

    • Julie A
    • October 26, 2009

    There are toys like this that are actually made for humans, not just dogs. They are typically called stress balls or stress toys. I have seen the ones that have eyes and ears that pop out when you squeeze them, but the more common ones are just the ones that compress when you squeeze them. I have attached two links – the first one is just a sight with examples of stress toys in many different shapes (such as animal shapes, car shapes, etc…); the second link is to a sight with one example of a stress toy that has eyes, ears, and a nose that pop out when you squeeze it. These are just examples. You can just go to a store, though, and ask them where their stress balls or stress toys are, because that is what they are typically called.
    Best wishes!

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