Frontline Plus Is The Best Flea Medication For Dogs and Cats

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by Rebecca Foxton

in North America prefer Frontline Plus flea & tick control over other products. medication destroys all your ’s fleas within one day and all ticks within two days.

Making Frontline Plus flea killer rise above other medications is its ability to effectively control fleas and ticks for an entire month. This is double the time length of other leading competitors making Frontline Plus the most preferred choice. Pet owners are also attracted to Frontline since it is waterproof and will stay on through baths.

Many flea medications can be very harmful to kittens, puppies and nursing mothers, but not Front Line which can kill the parasites quickly while being gentle to the animal.

The medication is applied to the coat, oftentimes with a dot of liquid to the back of the neck. From this small spot, the medication will spread throughout your pet’s coat.

To allow for translocation to occur, make sure your pet stays dry for twenty-four hours. When the medicine is translocated, you will not have to apply it again. It will protect your pet for an entire month.

Frontline Plus, the most up to date form of the Frontline, has an additional ingredient that will actually stop the fleas breeding cycle. Frontline will kill fleas in less than 18 hours. Infestation is therefore prevented since fleas require 24 to 36 hours to breed, which Frontline simply does not allow.

If you see more fleas during the 18-hour period, it is because hyper-agitation is forcing them to the surface of the coat before they are killed.

Two of the leading competing products are Advantage and Frontline flea control. Of the two, Frontline flea prevention is the most popular. It was discovered to kill a higher percentage of fleas over a months time.

Certainly, many other types of flea spray for and other pet flea medications exist in the market, including organic flea treatments but it is proven that the use of Frontline is the most effective way to get rid of fleas. Veterinarians recommend Frontline because there are virtually no side effects and the medication will never expire. A small percentage of may have an allergic reaction.

Revolution Flea Control is effective against ear mites, sarcoptic mange, and heartworm in addition to fleas and ticks, while Frontline is not designed to take on other parasites. Frontline was made to be effective on fleas and ticks only.

Rid your pet of fleas with Frontline; the best flea medication on the market. To eliminate other parasites like hookworms and heartworm, you should use a product made for that specific purpose.

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