FURminator deShedding Tool with FURejector

FURminator deShedding Tool with FURejector

Amazon.com Product Description
Reduce your pet's shedding by 90 percent with the . Its uniquely designed blade does not cut, but grabs and removes and undercoat hair quickly and easily, leaving a shiny, healthy topcoat. By removing loose, dead hairs, the FURminator also eliminates shedding and the cleanliness and allergy problems that accompany it. Less hair on your cat or means less hair on your furniture and floors. The FURminator's tough stainless steel 2.65-inch blade is designed to grab hair and remove it without causing your pet pain or damaging its topcoat. The FURejector is a convenient button that lets you empty the collected fur from the shedding blade safely and quickly. Just push the button, and the fur is easily released. Get fast, amazing results every time with both long- and -haired shedding breeds. Reduces shedding better than any brush, rake, or comb, and brings out the pet's natural oils, which promotes healthier skin. Helps eliminate hairballs in cats too.

Product Description
The FURminator FURejector Tool quickly and easily removes the undercoat and without damaging the topcoat. Reduces shedding up to 90-percent and easily ejects fur.

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  1. I admit I was skeptical also, found the lowest price on Amazon and thought I would give it a try rather than buying a cheaper imitation at walmart. This is an amazing tool, I have a German Shepherd which are nicknamed the “German Shedder” and it’s unbelievable how much hair this
    tool pulls out and his topcoat is much silkier. It helps control the flying ‘tumbleweeds’ too! If you have a shedding dog or cat, buy it.

  2. This is an amazing tool. I would highly recomend this grooming tool to anyone who has a pet who sheds in the house. We have a Labrador Retriever mix who seems to manufacture extra hair. Since we started using the FURminator to groom him, the amount of hair on the floor in the house has decreased by 90%. The first time we used it we got nearly a shopping bag of hair from him. He looks better, and my wife is happy about not having to constantly vacuum the hair in the house. The FURejector feature of the tool is very convenient, as it speeds up the grooming process.

  3. This tool works very ***efficiently*** to remove the undercoat, and therefore little pressure needs to be applied. Be sure to stroke your cat GENTLY with the brush, especially at first until he gets used to it. If you stroke too hard, he’ll become annoyed and will let you know! You’ll also wind up grabbing some of the overcoat if you apply too much force. Unfortunately, there’s no “warning” about this on the packaging.

    My only other comment about this tool, specifically the FURminator with the **FURejector**, is that the ejector works well enough to push the trapped hair forward of the combing teeth, but the undercoat hair doesn’t magically drop onto the floor at that point, as one would hope. It must be manually removed. The solution is to keep a towel nearby, and after thumbing the ejector button, to then swipe the comb across a towel. This allows you to hold the cat with one hand, and use the brush effectively with the other.

    As much as the cats love this (gentle) de-shedding process, it still takes two hands; this is a major consideration for purchasing the FURminator with the FURejector, rather that just the regular tool without the ejector.

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