English Mastiff Explained

English Mastiff Explained

by Eric Salson

The is the most ‘original’ of the other variety of breeds. They can get up to about 30 inches off the ground to the shoulder. They take on the Pit Bull look with their legs apart at stance. They weigh at about 160-230 pounds. For the males and for the females about 140-190 pounds while they stand about 27 1/2 inches off the floor.

Mastiff actually is translated to ‘masty’ in Anglo-Saxon. The brutal ancestry of this amazing is something you can find out of a horror movie. These were used for the entertainment of the Queen.

They were considered bait dogs. This meant that while a bear, a lion and otherMastiff were tied up the English Mastiff was made to attack the animal until it’s death. Then the remains were even fed to the dog. When this was later banned in England, the English Mastiff was no longer of value and eventually brought over to the United States.

Being by nature calm and loving, they are a joy to have in the home. This does not that they do not still function more than adequately as guard dogs, and the presence of a mastiff would make nearly any potential intruder think twice.

Being a large , the English Mastiff needs a lot of exercise, so it is ideal if you have a lot of room for your dog to roam. They can live indoors with you and your family quite happily, but do need a good walk or run daily. With proper care including and exercise, your mastiff will have a life expectancy around 9-11 years.

Despite a few minor health problems, the English mastiff is a very well rounded dog. Some of the health problems range from hip to obesity. They are a good guard dog with the and gentleness of a kitten. They are extremely loyal to the entire family and they kids. It is highly recommended to get to know your breeder before you purchase your dog. Know that they are a legit breeder that genuinely loves the breed.

Besides the aforementioned minor medical issues, there is one other downside to having an English mastiff: They do slobber, which is more of a concern to some than to others. Overall, they make an excellent family pet for any home. All of the good traits the breed possesses are certain to make you a happy dog owner.

If you’d like to learn more about the English Mastiff, seek out information from others who have decided to adopt one of these gentle giants. There are many websites and forums that can answer just about any question you may have about choosing and living with this magnificent breed. After all, a dog is a member of the family; you’ll want all of the information at hand before you make a big decision like buying a dog.

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