Toy Dogs for People with Allergies

Many that live in small homes, apartments and condominiums often choose of dogs, not only because of their size but because they often require less room to exercise. Allergies Suck 2

All breeds of toy dogs have their own . Some are very vocal and bark a lot while others are extremely active. Many toy dogs are content to sit on your lap while some need . Some dogs and other pets while others love being an only child. There are breeds with a lot of hair that needs constant grooming and there are hairless dogs.

When considering a , make sure you do a lot of research on the breed that interests you, so you get one that fits your lifestyle. There are people that are allergy sufferers and they are hesitant to get a dog. Although there is no thing as a hypoallergenic dog, there are breeds that allergy suffers seem to have less problems with. Remember that all people's vary greatly, so visit and spend a little time with the dog you are considering before bringing it home.

Some of the many breeds to consider are:

Chinese Crested (Powderpuff)Chinese crested can be either hairless and . The hairless only has hair on its head, feet and tail. The powder puff has a soft long coat. Both varieties come in many colors as mixed, solid or spotted with erect ears and dark eyes. Some people with allergies find the hairless variety best. They small dogs are playful, lively and love to cuddle. They usually weigh less than ten pounds and are approximately twelve inches high. Always protect the hairless with sunscreen. The average life span is ten to twelve years.

Poodle (White)Toy do not like being alone so are great family dogs, especially for elderly and children. Not only are they extremely intelligent but very easily trained. They love to play and are lively, clever and very amusing. Growing up to ten inches high and weighing from six to nine pounds, these toy dogs shed very little. Their average life expectancy is up to fourteen or fifteen years.

Italian GreyhoundThe Italian greyhound is elegant and graceful. This small dog is and very clean. The greyhounds coat is soft to touch and has a glossy satin look. They are playful and affectionate and make a wonderful family companion. An adult Italian greyhound weights between seven and twelve pounds and is thirteen to fifteen inches in height. These dogs average life expectancy is up to fifteen years.

MalteseMaltese dogs are only four to six pounds. Extremely gentle mannered, they love to play and are a wonderful family dog. Because they are so tiny, they are better with older children that are not as rough as younger ones. Their coat is long, silky white and single layered. They shed very little but do require daily grooming. These affectionate little dogs are a wonderful pet for older people. Usually weighing less than eight pounds and about eight inches high, there average life expectancy is up to fifteen years.

Written by Jake Peterson from Oh My Dog Supplies – the place to go for designer dog beds

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